Mike Hood's
Marine Propellers
6907 Telephone Rd.
Houston, TX
713-454-0300 - Fax

Hood's Hook

Custom designed 3 and 4 blade Stainless Propellers for most mid gear case 50 thru 250 horsepower motors. Starting at $480.00 our 3 blade propellers are more fuel efficient and have a faster top end. The 4 blade, starting at $580.00, is faster out of the hole, has more torque, and provides less steering torque and less vibration at high speeds.

Hood's handmade stainless props (Right) generate more torque compared to production props (Left), and because of the large blade area help reduce cavitation or slippage.

Please contact a representative at Mike Hood's Marine Propellers for information on becoming a dealer of our products.

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